Data Protection Notice. 

We, the Academy of Floristry, are required to comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations in relation to how we handle any personal data, which we obtain from you.  Any personal information gathered will only be used in context of your studies with us.  We may also collect sensitive data relating to you but only with your explicit consent in advance.

We may process all the information we obtain from you to enable us to fulfil our contractual obligations to you.  We may also request further information from third parties or shall disclose your details to other selected third parties, such as City & Guilds or their regulators or industry bodies.

In disclosing your personal details to us, you agree that we may process and in particular disclose your personal data:-

  • As required by law to any third parties;

If you are aiming to complete a City & Guilds qualification with us, we may disclose:

To City & Guilds, who may use your personal data to:-

  • Undertake administration in relation to the qualification for which you are registered including providing you with a certificate on successful completion of your qualification or specified units of it;
  • Contact you directly in relation to City & Guilds centre approval or qualification and/or quality control purposes undertaken by City & Guilds for the qualification for which the learner is registered;
  • Inform you of products or services offered by City and Guilds;
  • Disclose to City & Guilds’ regulators where so required;
  • Disclose to relevant industry bodies where so required by law;
  • Carry out statistical analysis on an anonymised basis;

And we may wish to:

  • Disclose your personal details to third parties for the purposes of providing prizes, remuneration and qualifications for learners;
  • Administer requests for reasonable adjustments under the Access of Assessment policy;
  • Carry out statistical analysis (on an anonymised basis) which may be carried out by us or selected third parties; and
  • To monitor (on an anonymised basis) equal opportunities relating to ethnicity or disability or other such monitoring purposes

We undertake to maintain the privacy of your personal details at all times, unless you notify us to say that you no longer wish us to hold them; when they will be disposed of in a secure manner.